Bible as Diary

I’m in some good old-fashioned theological conversation with a group of friends right now. As often happens when people who know too much about the Bible try to talk shop, one of the lines of conversion is how we can make theological claims about today in conversation with the Bible when the Bible itself demonstrates […]


On Waking Up

On Waking Up Waking up can be one of the most terrifying things we do in life. This is because the old cliché is true: when we’re in a vivid dream we don’t know that we’re asleep. We wake up in different ways an in different times across the course of our lives. We step […]

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The Perfect Who Suffer

This week’s LectioCast offers a guided tour through passages with perfect sufferers: Job and Jesus as described in Hebrews. And, yes, there might just be a Mountain Goats reference in there somewhere for both of you who love them as much as I do. Bo Sanders is back, and there are some gems in this […]

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Modern Patriarchy

That moment when… you throw out something in a blog post that is completely untrue. In my post on Patriarchy and Homosexuality this past Saturday I wrote: Patriarchy is a system that nobody today agrees with or lives by. I had so many good intentions with that one. I wanted to have a little Kumbaya […]