What is the Bible?

What is the Bible? And what are we supposed to do with it? I learned to ask that pair of questions from the illustrious Peter Enns. I attempted to give a bit of an answer this weekend in Watsonville. Take a listen! Session 1: What is the Bible and What Are We Supposed to Do […]


Paris & Peace

Last night as I listened to the BBC coverage of the terror attacks in Paris I understood, again, how difficult it is to be a people of peace. No multi-national agreement or good will is going to stop the kind of butchery we heard of last night. People who are willing to kill, and who […]

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Waiting in Hope

This week’s LectioCast takes us into the realm of waiting in hope. I was joined by people from around the world as I live recorded while broadcasting on Periscope. Hannah stands strong as the hero of two of the texts. She pours herself out before God, and God sings God’s praises. Check it out, and […]

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Look, I know that what I’m about to say sounds churlish. I hate it when people who create something get all on their high horse about people liking it, as though it shows some fundamental flaw in the audience that they think something is awesome. But seriously. I work hard here. I create thoughtful content […]