SBL Day 2

Day 2 in Atlanta was the official Day 1 of SBL. So here on the official Day 2 of SBL I am writing about Day 2 which was Day 1. Got it?

The day was filled with meeting people in the flesh whom I have only known heretofore in electronic format. I always enjoy that, and it underscores for me how important the internet has become for my professional networks.

As usual, the real highlights of the day are the fortuitous or planned encounters with friends old and new. And it was good to see that at least one publisher hasn’t given up on its open reception.

The highlight of yesterday in terms of papers (you know–those excuses we give for having a big four-day reunion with our friends and colleagues) was Richard Hays’s paper on the Christology of Luke.

The paper was provocative, challenging, at times moving, and profound.

He begins with the invitation at the end of Luke 24 to understand Jesus’ entire life as an answer to the OT. With this in hand, he searches for clues about the divine identity of Jesus by which the story indicates that Jesus is the incarnation of Israel’s God.

The most impressive echo to my mind was a verse from Luke that in Greek says that those who oppose Jesus are put to shame. This directly reflects the language of Isaiah 45 in which God alone is God who has no peer, and those who oppose him are put to shame.

It will come as no surprise to my readers that I thoroughly disagreed with my Doktorvader’s paper at almost every point, but it was the kind of paper that’s worth disagreeing with–and that makes me wish I thought there were high Christology in Luke’s Gospel.

Lots going on today, including my scintillating 15 minute talk on publishing one’s dissertation with a trade press. Bring it!

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