Music FYI

I know that you are worried.

Does Kirk listen to anything other than The Mountain Goats?

To set your minds at ease, here is a list of other music I’m currently digging in my non-Apple-product MP3 Player:

I am enjoying them all, but not yet ready to evangelize for them as I am for the Goats.

7 thoughts on “Music FYI”

  1. One of my favorite lines in all of music is, “Our love is like the border between Greece and Albania.” It’s just so catchy and sticks in my head, but when I belt it out at home, it seems to not have the impact it’s supposed to… Not sure why.

      1. It’s one of those lines that strikes you as so brilliant that it seems to open up whole worlds. And when you ponder the various larger contexts of conflict and redemption, hope, etc., it’s just staggering. But when you sing it out without context(s) to your wife and expect that she’ll grasp its (comedic, bizarre, and heart-achingly wonderful) genius…

        Well, the connection isn’t always made.

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