A Flawed Gospel?

What does a flawed gospel look like? Dunn reads Paul like this:

What is so agonizing for Paul is that if Israel does not finally embrace the Christ, then his own gospel is flawed at its heart–the gospel of God’s righteousness, his free grace and faithfulness to the undeserving and ungodly; if it does not continue to Israel despite Israel’s unfaithfulness then it is not the gospel which he proclaims to all. (Romans 9-16, 532)

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One thought on “A Flawed Gospel?

  1. Taking the TIME statements to mean what they say does throw a whole different view on things however. How many towns did the original Disciples have to go through before they ran out of towns in Judea? How long is a ‘generation’ if you take Hebrews 3 it is 40years, the journey of the Hebrews in the wilderness after they did the gold calf thing. There’s a bunch more to consider but a DAY OF THE LORD is a judgment day and it is kind of silly to think ‘that generation’ was not given a heads up like previous temple worshipers were from their prophets, whether a prophetic vision is ‘sealed’ or not. The Revelation (of John given by Yeshuah) was not sealed so it had to be a shorter time than those that were sealed given the sequence of time for ‘sealed’ prophetic writings. Put that in the scripture computer and see what interpretations have to be thrown out?

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