The Jesus You’re Looking For

Getting to John is always such a relief for my NT students.

At long last, they are in the presence of a Jesus who clearly knows everything that is happening and will happen–and not only knows, but is in total control of it.

Here, at last, is the Jesus in the garden who doesn’t need to put on a show for the rest of us like he’s really troubled to the point of death. “What shall I say? Take me from this hour? I don’t think so!” “Peter, how about you put that sword away? I have a cup from the Father to drink here!” “So, you guys have come out for me, huh? Well then, behold! These are not the droids… er… disciples you’re looking for!” ["These are not the droids we're looking for."] “They can move along.” ["Move along."]

Here is the Jesus who kindly leaves that confusing business of the Kingdom of God out of it.

Here at last is the Jesus who gets killed because everyone is so jealous that he’s really cool and has so many followers.

Oh, wait. What I mean is: here is the Jesus who isn’t even really killed, but gives up his own spirit when he realizes he has done everything that needed doing.

Here at last is the Jesus whose whole point is to get you to believe that all this stuff he’s doing shows you that he is son of God come from God. Here at last the conclusion is “Look! Only God can do that!”

Today, for one day, let us celebrate John’s Jesus. Our Jesus.

Because tomorrow we shall be examined on the other one, too…

12 thoughts on “The Jesus You’re Looking For”

  1. Do I detect a slightly dismissive tone?

    If not, tell us how to best make sense of this self-possessed Jesus who is never controlled by other people or circumstances and who goes around saying “I am” and identifying himself with Yahweh. How should we fit him into our narrative theology, or perhaps you would prefer, how do we find ourselves within *his* story?

      1. Pt. 1: Celebrating with sarcasm? Seems about par around here.

        Pt. 2: Whose blog is this anyway! I’m still trying to figure out what you mean by narrative theology, and I was sort of hoping you discussing the how John’s picture of Jesus fits into that might give me some insight.

        And you’ll note I did say “OUR narrative theology” not “A nar. th.” or “nar. th.” with no modifier, as if it were some seamless totality. Stop evading by nitpicking. Answer the question, please.

  2. Or maybe… John, like soooo many people, didn’t want to focus on the crucifixion, but on the resurrection instead. ;)

    Just curious….are you in the John-wrote-John camp or in the someone-other-than-John-wrote-John camp?

    1. @Jeff: How’re you?…[blaster]….Boring conversation anyway.

      I am tempted to add “Luke, we’re gonna have company!” but the last thing we need in this mix is another gospel.

  3. I used to bullseye womp rats back home in my t-16, and they’re not much bigger than two meters.

    (Sorry if it is imperfect. It’s from memory. Not checking my sources.)

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