Peliculate with Me

As those of you who are attentive to my Facebook or Twitter feeds already know, a new word has entered the English language this week.

The word is peliculate.

peliculate. verb. intransitive. to watch a movie. (from the Spanish, pelĂ­cula: movie)

Why introduce another word into the English language? Because we have no elegant verb for watching movies.

Consider, for example, the song lyric, “Won’t you Charleston with me?” Note how seamlessly we could sing, “Won’t you peliculate with me?” whereas, “Won’t you watch a movie with me,” is entirely too clunky.

And although movie revenue might be down, most of us still peliculate on a regular basis, and peliculation remains an important dynamic in current American culture.

So please, let’s adopt this neologism as a salutary addition to our vocabularies. I don’t know about you, but after a long week there’s little I like better than crashing with the wife for a little peliculation.

7 thoughts on “Peliculate with Me”

  1. I misread at first and was pretty sure you were inviting me to watch pelicans… could make for some fun tongue twisters if one were to speculate about peculiar pelicans who peliculate.

  2. I will gladly join the movement. I peliculate at least three times a week and am not ashamed to say so. However, with the current economy I tend to peliculate at home rather than in theaters.

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