Women in the Story of God

Today begins week 2 of the “Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?” blog tour. If you haven’t already, make sure you head over to the blog tour website and enter to win the Paul book package from Baker!

The chapter under discussion to day is, “Women in the Story of God.”

Julie Clawson engages and critiques the chapter at One Hand Clapping. She raises some important concerns about the chapter from the perspective of feminist theology and the reality of what women have experienced in the church.

Andrew Perriman at p.ost engages the chapter in conversation with his own understanding of what apocalyptic means and how that transforms our understanding of the story of God.

Each reviewer has the kind of substantive engagement and substantive concern that can lead to productive conversation. Check out the posts, and join in unfolding discussions in the comments!

And, of course, if you’ve not yet gotten your hands on the book, your hour has come

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