After the Tour

The blog tour that took place over the past few weeks was a great success from where I sit: the reviews asked some penetrating questions and also gave folks a taste of what Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? is all about.

All the blogs from the blog tour are linked on the blog tour website. If you missed any of the posts, head over and catch up! In addition, Tony Jones followed up with a second engagement of my chapter on homosexuality which led to my own post in response and a great conversation ensued.

So, let’s say that you’ve read the book and you liked what was going on there. If you’re so inclined, here is my shameless request for you to help me get the word out about the book:

First, if you’ve finished with the book (I mean, for the next couple weeks or something, before you read it again), would you give (I mean, loan) your copy to someone else to read? Putting the book in people’s hands may the single most important thing for an unknown person such as myself to have the book start finding some ciruclation.

Second, if you’re reading along and enjoying what you read, would you post a word or two to your social network? A quote from the book? A, “120 pages down, only 79 more to go #JHILBP” or something?

Third, if you read and enjoyed the book, would you write a short review on Amazon? As weird as it may sound in theory, people actually care what the Amazon reviews say, how many there are, etc.

Finally, if you’re in the Bay Area +/- 8 hours, when am I coming to speak to your church, fellowship group, school chapel…?

Thanks to everyone who is taking the time to read the book and critically engage its ideas. You honor me with your efforts.

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