God Revealed in the World?

What has Peter Enns to say to Karl Barth? Or what has the Biology faculty to say to the Divinity School?

One of the tensions that underlies debates about Adam, evolution, and the Bible in contemporary Christian worlds is that we often operate with a fairly restricted view of revelation: God reveals in scripture.

Barth wants to stick with this, and decries natural theology.

But, to bring the question up I posed a week or two ago, what if general revelation is, truly, revelation?

In other words, can we say this: “The God who does not lie in revelation of Godself in scripture also does not lie in revelation of Godself in the natural order”?

This would turn many of the questions raised against evolution by more conservative folks back around: did God lie, deceive, or mislead us in the creation of a world that seems, from many different natural vantage points, to be well over 4 billion years old?


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