Creatio Ex Nihilo

Here’s the reality of my life: when I’m engaged in creative work, creativity ideas overflow into every other area. When I’m overwhelmed with administrative tasks, when I’m on extended periods of daddy duty, when my emotional and mental energies are sapped by conflict, when I’m thinking through the same things over and over again–in these times creativity stagnates.

Creativity has a very hard time springing up out of nothing.

Creativity, having something to say, feeds upon itself. It’s one of the few resources we have that increases the more we use it.

Want to have something to say? Start talking.

Want to have something to paint? Start drawing.

Want to have something to sing? Start strumming.

Want to have something to write? Start clicking.

Making something out of nothing is impossible. Really. We ascribe it to God as an action fitting God’s divinity.

So, if you’re not God, here’s my piece of unsolicited advice: wherever it is that you find yourself creating, feed that every day.

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