In Search of Proverbial Grit

The Reel Spirituality folks at Fuller’s Brehm Center have posted part 1 of a three part series consisting of my reflections on the Wisdom Literature in Coen Brothers films. This is a lightly touched-up rendition of my SBL Paper, “New Country for Old Men: Qoheleth, Job, and Solomon in Coen Brothers Filmography.”

As the film begins, the viewer is first met with these words: “The wicked flee when none pursueth” (Proverbs 28:1). This epigram provides a first interpretive frame for making sense of the ensuing film. Appropriate to its Old Western genre, the principal antagonist, Tom Cheney, is wicked, and the principal protagonist, Mattie Ross, good. And in the immediately following voiceover we learn that the wicked has in fact fled… (read more)

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