No Country for Old Qoheleth

Over the past couple of weeks, the Reel Spirituality folks have posted the first two parts of a three part series I’ve written on Coen Brothers films and biblical wisdom literature.

The first was on True Grit and Proverbs, the second on A Serious Man and Job. Today’s installment is on the Qoheleth-haunted landscape of No Country for Old Men.

No Country for Old Men operates within the world of vanity, an absent God, nothing new under the sun, and unaccountable actions that we discover in Qoheleth.

The film, like the Cormac McCarthy book it is based on, tells the story of Sherriff Ed Tom Bell hunting Anton Chigurh who is, in turn, hunting Llewelyn Moss, a character we first meet when he is, yes, hunting. But… (read the rest at Reel Spirituality)

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