To Story or Not to Story?

Englewood Review of Books has done me the great honor of reviewing Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?.

The reviewer wasn’t so sure about Jesus and the story of Israel.

Though this is surely an appealing narrative, it is troubled by one problem: Paul never uses it…

While I fully concur with Kirk that stories are necessary because they show and instruct rather than simply tell the truth that we are, indeed, caught up in a grand story, I am not so sure that it is a story so easily narrated.

I’ve replied in the comments section, and would invite you to head on over there to jump in and join the conversation:

One of the recurring issues in NT scholarship has to do with what has been dubbed an “apocalyptic” reading of Paul. Those who look to Ernst K√§semann and J. Louis Martyn as mentors tend in this direction. The point is something like this: God’s act in Christ is a radical in-breaking into the cosmos, not a development from within a continuous narrative.

…But there is an important point of push-back that has to be offered to this dichotomy, and is being offered in various venues; namely, that the dichotomy is a false one. (click here to read the rest)

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