Our Sin in God

Karl Barth, thoughts on our sin and God, appropriate for Holy Saturday:

It is His heart, not ours, which is suffering when we think that we are the sufferers and that we have a right or obligation to lament. His heart is wounded, and wounded through our heart…

Sin attains its true form as opposition to the grace of God. It becomes hopeless as such, and its consequences are hopelessly painful. But at this point the grace of God intervenes as the mercy of God. Jesus Christ enters human existence as the great joy which shall be to all people he breaks down this resistance to grace by himself appearing as grace triumphant, as the royal removal of our sin and guilt by the action of God Himself. Because our sin and guilt are now in the heart of God, they are no longer exclusively ours. Because He bears them, the suffering and punishment for them are lifted from us, and our own suffering can only be a reminiscence of His…

It remains for us only to be the sinners whose place He has taken and who must therefore really have their life in Him.

The above is from §30.2 of Church Dogmatics.

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