Faith and Cross

I keep mulling two recent blog posts in relation to one another. One, inspired by Seth Godin, reflected on being patient with people who are not yet convinced. Patience is the fruit of hopeful expectation (and impatience a signal of weakness and fear).

The other was a springboard from an article on abstinence campaigns. The title says it all: Abstinence is death. And, we shouldn’t try to dress it up otherwise.

It strikes me that both draw on a common reservoir of faith. Faith walking the way of the cross.

To walk the way of the cross is to trust that God can and will bring about a better end by God’s own power than I could orchestrate on my own.

When we embrace ways of death, we entrust ourselves to the God who gives life to the dead. And this means relinquishing the power we have (all too often do actually have!) at our disposal to bring about the future we envision for ourselves and, let’s face it, the future we envision for the people around us.

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