Independence Day

Farewell, old masters–it’s Independence Day!

Or fare poorly for that matter. Your reign has come to an end. And we are free.

Of course, this freedom is not cheaply gained. Such victories never are. The victory over our cruel overlords was won through blood and death. But more than that, it was cemented by resurrection.

As long as Jesus is raised from the dead, it is Independence Day.

I know, I know. If feels like the deep roots of sin and death are unshakable. I know, death still looms large on the horizon.

But our Master is Lord over even these masters that have had their chance to enslave us all. “Death no longer is master over him.”

“Even so, consider yourselves to be dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus.”

New life, the life of freedom, comes as the Spirit of the Resurrected One sets us free. We are children, as Christ is the Resurrected Son–and therefore no longer slaves.

All authority has been given to him, and therefore those over whom he reigns are free from all enslaving lords and masters.

Because we are free, we have a particular responsibility. Yes, we must live as free people. We must not give ourselves over to new “slaveries.”

But more than this, we must be the freedom people–those who not only have it, but who love the world enough to see freedom extended to all.

Yes, this means painting beautiful pictures of the reign of the resurrected Christ to those around us, so that they might see and say, “Jesus is Lord.”

And, it means acting to see that, because Christ is Lord, there are none who are slaves of people.

As long as Jesus is raised from the dead, it is a day of our freedom, our independence.

And, as long as we confess this resurrected Lord, we are called to see that such freedom is made known far as the curse is found–be that the depths of our own hearts, or the depths of the slaveries of the world.

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