Lost Again?

It’s been a year since we parted
For months, you were lost
I should have looked
But I did not know
I should have asked
You were silent
I misunderstood
I thought you were busy
I thought you were settling
I thought you’d call
But then I asked
And then I found
You were lost
Yes, you were lost

You should not be lost anymore
But it has been a year since we parted
I have missed you
I miss your words
I miss your insight
I miss your potential to change the world
I hope you are thriving
I hope you are bringing life to those you meet
I hope you are not withering under the cruelties of blistering criticism
I hope you are a small beam of light in the darkness you encounter
I hope, most of all, to see you soon.

jrdk, “Ode to the Article I Sent Off For Peer Review”

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