Patriarchy and Worth

Last summer I gave a talk entitled, “Patriarchy and Worth: The Gospel’s Challenge to an Ancient System” at the Christians for Biblical Equality annual meeting in Pittsburgh.

The bottom line: once you’ve said that men and women are fundamentally equal, you have ceased to participate in the ancient worldview that undergirds male headship and every other incarnation of patriarchy.

And, of course, once you’ve said as a Christian that men and women are equal in the new life we participate in Christ, you’ve undermined the fundamental belief in inequality that demands male leadership in the church and in the home.

Here’s the video. About halfway through it moves from lecture to sermon. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Patriarchy and Worth”

  1. I am really grateful this was recorded. (Watched this during lunch!) Really loved the transition between lecture and sermon. Frankly it was entirely appropriate. This illuminates the wonderful dimensions and implications of the New Creation! I’m going to pass this around.

  2. LOVED this Dr. Kirk! I somehow stumbled upon this yesterday, and it was so timely for me as my current ministry context still seems to reflect some patriarchy issues. What an encouragement this was to watch. Thanks for sharing!

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