2 thoughts on “Braveheart v. The Passion”

  1. Braveheart’s similarities to the Jesus Story:
    - A leader gathering a people (with whom he identifies ethnically) against an oppressive empire (of sorts).
    - Using narrative to inspire followers, and, more importantly, enacting that narrative.
    - Sacrificial death that, counterintuitively, enables the movement of freedom to move forward.
    - Drawing on Biblical allusions to strengthen his movement (go back and watch Braveheart, they’re all over the place).

    Passion’s similarities to the Jesus story:
    - Possible, but somewhat contested, similarity in language.
    - Jesus gets the shit kicked out of him by the Romans, who then execute him.
    - That’s mostly it.

  2. Except that Wallace is committed to bring peace and justice through violence done to the enemies, and Jesus is committed to bring peace and justice by letting his enemies do violence to him.

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