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LectioCast: A Lectionary Commentary Podcast

I have some very exciting news to share. This is especially exciting for those of you who use the Revised Common Lectionary or who know someone who does or who just like to read the Bible or just can’t get enough jrdk in your life.

Starting this coming Monday, I will be doing a weekly, short (25-30 minute) podcast in which I will be providing commentary on the following Sunday’s four lectionary texts.

#LectioCast aims to get your sermon/service prep jumpstarted by homing in on crucial issues and themes in the passages and talking through possible opportunities and issues in preaching the various texts. We’ll aim for Lectionary commentary that is sharp and practical, maybe seasoned with a pinch of snark.

Each week I will be with a guest who will help me figure out what’s going on and what the church might need to hear from the texts. For the first four weeks I’m partnered with Tripp Fuller.

Homebrewed Christianity is the parent podcast of this here show. Sign up for the email list at HomebrewedChristianity.com, or like them on Facebook, so that you can hear as soon as the podcast goes live on Monday.

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