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I want Storied Theology to be a place where you know you can come for all sorts of goodness. The goodness of spiritual encouragement. The goodness of biblical interpretation. The goodness of the Mountain Goats.

All kinds of goodness.

And just the other day I was thinking, I bet all those good readers would want to know, What is the most life-changing article jrdk has read so far this year?

In asking such a question, we are binding ourselves to the high standard of life-changing. What is actually transforming how I live day by day? aero-press

I regret to inform you that it is the Sprudge report on the World Aeropress Championships.

I’ve had an Aeropress for a long time, but…

What’s that? You don’t know what an Aeropress is? Oh. Allow me.

It’s a coffee maker. You put your grounds and water into a cylinder and use a plunger to “air press” the coffee out through the filter.

For a few years I have treated it like an espresso maker: finely ground espresso roast, churning out a couple shots of the strong bitter when needed.

Which wasn’t that often.

The article in Sprudge opened my eyes to how the Aeropress can be used to make a real, and really awesome, cup of coffee.

First, the coffee should be good normal coffee, not over roasted dark or espresso beans.

Second, the grind. I was grinding too fine. You want a grind that is somewhat less than espresso, but finer than you’d use for a pour over. You might have to experiment.

Third, the water temp. The top three in this competition all used water that is considerably colder than boiling–79+ degrees celsius. This keeps the acidity low and the coffee super smooth.

Then there are the things that you do with a normal pour over that need to be done here, too: pour about 45-55 grams of water on the grounds and allow it to bloom before adding the rest.

This article gave me new vision for something that had been languishing in a kitchen cabinet. I make Aeropress coffee just about everyday. Life changing.

I cobbled together my recipe from what the top contenders did:

20 g of coffee
fine, but not espresso grind
Invert the Aeropress, put grounds in on top of the plunger
Water temp at 79 degrees
Add 50-55g of water
Stir 5 times
Let bloom for 30 seconds
(here, I warm my mug with a little hot water)
Pour remaining water (come to 280 g) for 1 minute
Put on top with filter
Turn over and plunge for 30 seconds

Enjoy a cup of awesomeness

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2 thoughts on “Most Life-Changing Article I’ve Read

  1. Yes! I discovered the joys of Aeropress coffee this past Christmas and am now exploring pour over coffee. I continue to be amazed at how ridiculously happy a well-brewed coffee makes me. Such a luxury.

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