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Goliath, Paul, and Jesus #LectioCast

Episode 5 of LectioCast: the Lectionary Podcast is up.

This week I am joined by Bo Sanders of Homebrewed Christianity, Claremont School of the Theology, and The Loft LA.

We do some serious analysis of the David and Goliath Story, wrestle a bit with how our problems are God’s problems, and then move on to see how Paul is consciously interpreting his story in light of the Jesus story. Finally, Jesus the Great Teacher calms a storm.

If there’s a thread running through the episode it is God’s deep self-involvement with the world, and the importance of us seeing it.

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If you want to join in the conversation, jump into the comments section. Raise questions about the passages or how to preach them or anything you heard in the podcast.

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Preach on!

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