What Does It Mean to Be Human?

Deep thought for the day.

The question of what it means to be human is fraught. It will never be simply a description. It will always shape our actions as well.

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8 thoughts on “What Does It Mean to Be Human?

  1. You must say more hereā€¦. Is this the equivalent of your log line? If so, it’s great. It keeps the reader dangling and wanting more. Say more please!

  2. Professor Kirk. Isn’t being human a relational issue? Isn’t our humanity really “co defined” together with other humans. I can’t imagine who I might be right now if I were impervious to the challenge that other lives have presented me. So much so that I reaize I cannot even say “I” with my whole being apart from them. Jesus calls Himself the son of man. Could that be because He knew He couldn’t truly be who He was (100% human) apart from other men?

  3. If one wants to know what it means to be human, we must start by looking at Jesus. In the Gospels, Jesus embodies true humanity.

  4. Before an answer, the question needs to be clarified. Are you asking about being or authenticity? (To put in Heidegger’s terms). Imago dei or authenticity?

  5. For me, it’s to be what I shall be when God in Christ has finished with me. Which isn’t quite yet.

  6. What it means to be human has also shaped the doctrinal landscape of the Christian Church. What it means to be human as understood by ecclesiastical doctrine-builders was a priori in judging whether Jesus was human or in fact something more. IF THE SCOPE OF WHAT IT MEANT TO BE HUMAN was, instead, open to new insights and open to perhaps include aspects of life previously thought to approach the divine, then such reformulation of doctrines would not have been necessary. Coincidentally a higher view of humanity would also have meant a different treatment of humans if by HUMAN surprising DIVINE REFLECTION were included. An impoverished view of what is human was opted for instead and the rest is bloody Trinitarian history.

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