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Grabbing Hold of New Creation


Creation. It’s a story we tell about a world teeming with life. About a world teeming with hope. A world teeming with purpose.

A world God will never give up on.

God enacts a new moment in the story when all that was meant to be has new potential for coming to exist. God enacts a new moment in the story when dead dreams spring to life again.

The Christians for Biblical Equality recognize that this new creation means a holistic renewal of the earth and everything upon it.

This includes our relationships with each other.

At the end of next month the Christians for Biblical Equality will be hosting a conference, “Becoming New: Man and Woman Together in Christ.”

This is an awesome opportunity to listen to a diverse array of voices paint a picture of the better tomorrow that God is bringing about and inviting us to be a part of.

The conference is July 24-26 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. You can register here.

From what I know of the speakers this will be a fantastic, encouraging, and challenging time. Having attended CBE conferences in the past, I can also attest to the fact that the gathering is like a sweet family reunion.

Living into new creations is about discovering relationships based on a fundamental equality. This is true for gender and it is true for race. The conference promises to be timely.

There are scholarships available for students and folks with low income.

As a teaser, here’s a snippet from a talk I gave a couple years ago on New Creation at a CBE conference in Houston, TX.

I hope you’ll make it to LA!

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