Domesticated ChickenFest West 2015

In less than three weeks, the most stupendous, restful, encouraging, restorative festival of spiritual refreshment and renewal ever devised by human minds will be taking place in Big Basin Redwood State Park.

That’s right, friends. It is almost time, once again, for Domesticated ChickenFest West!

This year the theme is Health. Mental health. Spiritual health. Physical health. Theological health (yes, that’s a thing–at least, theological unhealth is a clearly thing, so surely theological health must be, too).

DATES: July 19-22
Tickets and Info: DCFW15 on Eventbrite
Other Info and fun chatter: on Facebook

There are still a few days left of earlychicken bird registration. So register away, and I’ll see you there!

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