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How Do You Know the King When You See Him?

In this week’s edition of the #LectioCast podcast, Bo Sanders and I run through a handful of passages that depict kingship. I’d like to say we came up with a description of kingship that is as pithy as what Monty Python gave us, but alas, our stories were much more complicated.

  • We see David’s kingship evolving—but in good ways or bad? (And did you notice that David is a priest?!) (2 Sam 6)
  • We see God arriving as King—but what does that actually look like? Maybe 2 Sam 6 gives us some ideas, Jesus’ exaltation might give us some others, and our own dispersal into the world might provide still others. (Ps 24)
  • Then there’s “king” Herod. Don’t even get me started. How does that guy even think about claiming to be king? (Mark 6)
  • Finally, there’s that bit about being adopted God’s children, and how it drives to the heart of the gospel—and also tells us something about God-pleasing kingship. (Eph 1)

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