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Son(s) of God

One of the most important biblical-theological moves I have been making recently is to read the Jesus story against the backdrop of Ps 89.

What makes Ps 89 so great is the way that it depicts God’s unique sovereignty and kingship over the earth, only to move into a celebration of God’s promises to make David and David’s heirs kings who, essentially, do most of what God alone does in the first half of the psalm.

It is a quintessential picture of divine identity christology: God’s anointed ones share in God’s identity, representing God’s rule to the earth. In one particularly striking moment, God promises that the king’s authority will expand even to uncontrollable waters of river and sea.

The king cries out to God, “My God, my father, and the rock of my salvation!” The king of Israel is the son of God to whom God gives authority over everything.

This week’s lectionary texts are nearly perfect in their alignment. Come over to LectioCast.com and geek out with me more about all this.


From 2 Sam 7 we read the story of God’s promise to build a house for David, saying of David’s heir, “I will be a Father to him, and he will be a son to me.”

In Mark 6 we see Jesus, the shepherd-king, before and after the feeding of the 5,000 and walking on water.

Read together, these passages show us what it means to be The Human King according to Israel’s story, a story that finds its culmination in Jesus.

In addition to all this, the current week’s lectionary texts also led your LectioCast hosts into a discussion of racial welcome in the church, in light of the fact that we are sons and daughters of God. It’s a rich week for the lectionary, and a rich week for LectioCast. So pop on over, listen in, and join the conversation at LectioCast.com.

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