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Neighbor Hate, Neighbor Love

As if on cue, yesterday’s “Neighbor Love” post is accompanied by a Neighbor Love rendition of the LectioCast!

The story of David raises the vexing question: do we really want to say we have sinned against God alone, when we have sinned against our neighbors as well?

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One thought on “Neighbor Hate, Neighbor Love

  1. I’m thinking that David’s saying that he “sinned against God alone” is one of those “either/or” hebraic/jewish exaggerations that emphasizes the difference between the “oops, I did you wrong” and the extremely greater significance of “Oh, My G-d, I have done You Wrong.” Other humans are not able or justified in deciding what is sinful, God alone is the judge, hence David can rightly say I have “sinned against God alone.”

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