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God’s Celebrations

I remember being at various youth group or summer camp pep talks and hearing this line: “God doesn’t mind if we party. God just wants to be invited!”

cindy-brandt1I’ll give it the benefit of being a nice riff on the biblical feast days that was at least trying to make sense to a bunch of horny high schoolers.

The idea resonates with our normal mode of thinking about God, us, and celebration. God does awesome stuff. We know it. Therefore we praise God, we celebrate God, we invite God into the presence of our celebrations because God is incomparably great.

But there’s another side of that coin.

It’s one that has the power to catch us off our guard, to surprise us despite all that we already know.

The other thread that pops up in scripture is this: God celebrates us.

God rejoices over us.

God’s own shouts of joy are raised up over the people in whom God delights.

The idea that God is the one whose delight and celebration and praise fills the air runs through this week’s lectionary texts.

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