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God is not on Cruz Control

Blogsphere confessional: despite my thick skin when it comes to what some might consider infringing on the holiness of God, I turned off my T.V. last night. I was terrified by the blasphemy that was reaching my daughter’s ears. Perhaps the only thing more incongruous to the identity of God than a pro athlete giving […]

Giving up on faith

My progressive evangelicalism is a scrambling of what used to be true of just conservatives with what used to be true of just mainliners. And a crucial component in my journey away from being a conservative evangelical was when I gave up on faith. Ok, I didn’t give up on faith entirely. But… Read the […]

Progressive Evangelical

I know this might be rushing things in our relationship. But if it’s going to last I want you to know up front. Day three on the Patheos Progressive channel and I already have to complicate things. The long and the short of it is this: when backed into a corner, sometimes I own up […]


I’ve moved!

After five years of Storied Theology blogging on I have moved my blog to Patheos. New posts will go up at If that’s a bit too much, you can get there from If you’re on my email list, you’ll be on the email list for the new blog as well. This is […]

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God’s Celebrations

I remember being at various youth group or summer camp pep talks and hearing this line: “God doesn’t mind if we party. God just wants to be invited!” I’ll give it the benefit of being a nice riff on the biblical feast days that was at least trying to make sense to a bunch of […]


Tribes, Unity, and Love

Tribes Evolutionary psychologists are helping us figure out how we humans got to where we are now. What is it about the ways we’re wired that helped us survive and adapt in the face of countless daily threats to our lives? Part of the answer is a powerful instinct to form tribes in which we […]


Unity by Faith

Diversity is something we can see with our eyes. Unity requires faith. That was my realization as I was studying 1 Corinthians 12 recently. Unity, Identity, Witness I’ve wondered about and lamented over the failure of Christian unity. The failure of Christian unity is the failure of Christians witness. In John 17 Jesus prays, “I […]