Stories and Statistics

This morning someone on Facebook drew my attention to this article, thinking that the sound of it resonated with my appeal to storied versus dogmatic and/or systematic theology: Stories vs. Statistics – Right he was. I see the connection on several levels. Here are a couple of sentences that epitomize part of the issue: […]


Living in San Francisco, I’m pretty geeked about the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series. There is something special about being in a city that has won its sports championship. It is a fantastic, unifying experience. At least until the polls open tomorrow morning… Way to go, Giants! Please share the love:

Do You See Jesus?

The last chapter of Luke is exciting, strange, and frightening. Jesus appears to people, walks miles with them even, and they don’t recognize him. He is there, literally, in their presence, and they don’t see him. Not, at least, until he breaks the bread. Of course, this depiction of Jesus’ followers having eyes to see […]


In case you’ve missed it, there is a fantastic article on Forgiveness by Christine Scheller in the October issue of Christianity Today. Here’s one quote: Living a life of holiness and learning the ways of God sometimes mean letting go of our need for justice and instead embracing a world that groans in anticipation of […]