Social Media & Leadership

This week I was at a marketing summit with the discussion being guided by Michael Hyatt of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Part of the conversation was about “tribes” and leadership through social media. In short: tribes are groups of people with a common interest and a leader. The social media aspect is, in essence, this: there […]


On Thursday I received Undercard, the latest project by Mountain Goats front man John Darnielle, but this time under the name The Extra Lens and created in collaboration with Frank Bruno. I spent way too much time in the car over the past couple of days, which has given me a chance to listen through […]

Authority, Power, and the Cross

A few weeks ago I was raising some cautions about how Christian leaders use / abuse power. In conversation that ensued, a reader pursued the line that clearing out a seminary of its theological rabble rousers was no more an abuse of power than assigning grades in a seminary class. That struck me as a […]

A Forgiveness People

Two different things got me thinking yesterday got me thinking about the role of forgiveness in Christian identity. I was at a “marketing summit” with a number of folks from Fuller, and our time was being led by Michael Hyatt. He was fantastic: he both gave us narratives to spur our thinking and respected / […]