Sooner or Later…

My ne’er do well friend who runs “The Green Fields Beyond” has taunted me with the following. It is the full-length trailer for True Grit, the next Coen Brothers production. I know that a trailer really shouldn’t give me chills. That should be reserved for worship songs and stuff. But I think that Johnny Cash, […]


I know what you’re thinking. Deep down inside, in places you don’t talk about at parties, you think that what you need more than anything is to become more like God. To be transformed into a more pure reflection of the divine. And you’re right. So here’s the question: what does that look like in […]

Maleness of Jesus, Cover and All!

A few months ago I posted the unfortunate story of a book whose publisher backed out of the deal. The provocatively covered, The Maleness of Jesus: Is it Good News For Women? was exiled to the warehouse. Enter the good folks at Cascade.  They have picked up the book, kept the cover, and gotten it […]

Social Media & Leadership

This week I was at a marketing summit with the discussion being guided by Michael Hyatt of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Part of the conversation was about “tribes” and leadership through social media. In short: tribes are groups of people with a common interest and a leader. The social media aspect is, in essence, this: there […]