Suggestion Box

Over the past several weeks we have had a number of interesting discussions here–interesting, in large part, because I wasn’t doing all the talking! The thread about Mary Magdalene and Mary the washer of Jesus’ feet has raised some important questions of how the Gospel writers write. I think that will be its own post […]

Show Me the Money…

… because I don’t see it. Every people with a common text will, wittingly or no, perpetuate certain interpretations alongside the stories they tell. How many times, for example, have you heard that the reason God didn’t want the Israelites to eat pig was for health reasons? That really has absolutely nothing to do with […]

The Centurion & the Mission of God

Here’s the “devotional” turned “min-sermon” I shared with the Fuller Seminary Board of Trustees this morning. Here it is, “The Roman Centurion and the Mission of God”: Kirk, Centurion and Mission The audio is a bit crackly–I was experimenting with my phone and my phone’s headset for the recording, but if you care to take […]

Ayn Rand & You

A few weeks ago I took up a friends suggestion and read Ayn Rand’s Anthem (and at “Free”, it’s worth every penny on Kindle!). The story is short (not exactly a Rand trademark!), accessible, and ultimately obvious. Its main character is part of a futuristic society where everything is controlled by the state, everything is […]

Monkey Town: Final Installment

I thoroughly enjoyed sauntering my way through Evolving in Monkey Town (prior posts: first, second, third). For this final post, I’d like to post a few teaser quotes. If these resonate with you or anger you or pique your interest, I’d recommend you give the book a read. Or at least engage some conversation in […]