Mountain Goats Monday

Ok, I love the Mountain Goats. And, most of the reason I think they’re so great is because of the way that their songs are redemptive, fraught with eschatology, clear sighted in their juxtaposition of hope and brokenness. But sometimes, their songs are just a testimony to the fact that we make bad mistakes. And […]

This is My Body… But Why?

I have a general take on the Lord’s/Last Supper: the Synoptic Gospels depict Jesus predicting his death as the pathway to his Messianic enthronement. This cross-shaped life is also the call to Jesus’ followers: take up the cross and follow. In addition, you might start probing the significance of rewriting the Passover ceremony around Jesus, […]

Jesus, Judaism, and Us

Yesterday I posted some thoughts on the importance of Jerusalem in Luke. In particular, I was struck by the ways that the Gospel locates Jerusalem at the center of God’s plan for redemption–but also its destruction at the center of God’s judgment on those who reject the son. And it struck me that this is […]

Jerusalem & Judgment in Luke

I’d say it’s common fare to point out the centrality of the Jerusalem in general, and the Temple in particular, in Luke’s writing. The whole thing begins with Zechariah in the Temple; Jesus’ parents bring him to the Temple when it’s time for Mary’s cleansing sacrifices; Jesus hangs out at the Temple when his parents […]

Evangelicalism: McKnight Clears the Bases

Over at Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight has banked his response to the Christianity Today essay on Al Mohler. The article spurred my own thoughts about the future of evangelicalism earlier this week (Manifesto, & addendum). Here’s the heart of McKnight’s post: Here’s my big point:Evangelicalism is changing. What used to be called “fundamentalist” is now […]

Definitive Proofs

Today is an important day. I have been wrestling with a couple of important issues: (1) the importance of splitting infinitives; and (2) narrative theology. As to the first, I received definitive proof that splitting infinitives is, at times, an absolute and unshakable requirement incumbent on those who would powerfully communicate in the English language. […]

Bible in Society

Over on the Q website there is a video in which several Christian leaders talk about the role of Bible in society, including how we should describe the Bible (inerrant or not? etc.). The video is most interesting from my point of view as something descriptive of where different Christians are. The participants are Tim […]