Jesus is Ultimate

Bible As Final Authority? “Christians don’t believe in the Bible. Christians believe in Jesus.” I still remember when Ralph Wood dropped that bomb on a room of starry eyed freshmen and sophomores at Wake Forest University. I remember the vigorous conversations that ensued. How uncomfortable it made me. I think that the story of my […]


Advent Week 2

Yes, Christmas might have been coopted by our capitalist, consumerist society. But Advent seems relatively safe right now. Advent is not about getting. Advent is about waiting. It’s one of those rare seasons in the year in which churches more broadly walk to the beat of the same drummer. Non-liturgical churches will break out their […]


What is the Bible?

What is the Bible? And what are we supposed to do with it? I learned to ask that pair of questions from the illustrious Peter Enns. I attempted to give a bit of an answer this weekend in Watsonville. Take a listen! Session 1: What is the Bible and What Are We Supposed to Do […]


Paris & Peace

Last night as I listened to the BBC coverage of the terror attacks in Paris I understood, again, how difficult it is to be a people of peace. No multi-national agreement or good will is going to stop the kind of butchery we heard of last night. People who are willing to kill, and who […]


Coming to Grips with Ourselves

I blog about God and Jesus and Christianity because I think that all of it is pretty awesome. And like most awesome, powerful things all of it has the potential to be deployed with a beautiful strength or nearly limitless destructive force. It is hard to deploy or receive power well when we know we’re […]