The World in Miniature

The ancients understood something about the world that we, too often, don’t. They understood that the patterns of being and interacting in each sphere of the world were establishing ways of being and interacting that affected the others. When Aristotle wanted to make hay about politics, he started with the most basic political unit: families. […]

Where’s This Manna Coming From?

I imagine that I will continue playing with this manna metaphor (see here and here) for a little bit. It’s really another way of attacking the “Storied Theology” project: a way of articulating the idea that our shared Christian story has defining, definitive moments that determine the shape of our current life, to a certain […]

About that Quote

So it turns out that the quote in a previous post was misattributed. Egads! The following is from Richard Rohr: The last experience of God is frequently the greatest obstacle to the next experience of God I did, however, hear it as part of a series of recordings made at a conference in which Peter […]

Manna and Christ

As I mentioned on Monday, I’ve been playing with the imagery of Manna for a bit. Manna–that bread from heaven, given to sustain the people in the wilderness, but only as it was received afresh every day. Such provision can create problems. It can create the problem of hoarding–attempting to seize the abundance of the […]

Lost Again?

It’s been a year since we parted Lost For months, you were lost I should have looked But I did not know I should have asked You were silent I misunderstood I thought you were busy I thought you were settling I thought you’d call But then I asked And then I found You were […]

What, Exactly, Did God Breathe?

My post on Adam and Christ generated the range of predictable responses, from, “Thank God someone is saying what I’ve thought for a long time,” to “How on earth can anyone believe what Paul says about the resurrection of Jesus if he flubbed so badly on the existence of Adam?!” To the latter question I […]