Birth is Easier than Resurrection

Given the choice, I’d rather plant a new church than attempt to revitalize an old one. Of course, no one’s giving me the choice, so what’s it matter? But my thinking is this: it’s much easier to give birth to something new than to raise something old from the dead. I know, I know–church planters […]

My Complements…

The good folks at Christians for Biblical Equality provided me with a copy of N. T. Wright’s 2004 talk, “Biblical Basis for Women’s Service in the Church.” Wright introduces his talk by making some observations as an “outsider” to the American Evangelical way of framing the issue and holding the debate. In particular, Wright hesitates […]

On Leaving Home

An Open Letter to Jason Stellman, whom I’ve never met. Jason posted his “adios, PCA” letter on his blog last week. Dear Jason, Welcome to the other side of your PCA sojourn. The step of leaving a denomination, especially when your seminary training, pastoral preparation, and ordination have all taken place within the same orbit […]

Emerging Conversations

This is how I assess interviews (whether they’re for a job or for some media outlet or for a book proposal or, well, basically anything): if in the course of the interview I find myself talking passionately about the things I care most about, it was a good interview. And, if this happens, it’s usually […]

Questions and Answers

I love writing about theological things for folks who aren’t academic professionals. One of the great benefits of being a New Testament professor is that there are thousands upon thousands of pastors and lay people who are interested in the ideas and capable of having insightful conversations about them. But I discovered something. I really […]

Houston Conference

This weekend! If you’re in or around Houston, TX, I’d love to see you at the Christians for Biblical Equality conference ! My talk, “Walking by the Light of New Creation’s Dawn,” will be working out the importance of finding our place as participants in the New Creation when dealing with issues of gender in […]

Talk About Sex

Talking about sex is one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” sort of things. The images and lyrics and jokes and stories that fill our culture place sex at the forefront of practically everything we see and hear. But when the church tries to speak about sex, it often does so […]