Emerging Conversations

This is how I assess interviews (whether they’re for a job or for some media outlet or for a book proposal or, well, basically anything): if in the course of the interview I find myself talking passionately about the things I care most about, it was a good interview. And, if this happens, it’s usually […]

Questions and Answers

I love writing about theological things for folks who aren’t academic professionals. One of the great benefits of being a New Testament professor is that there are thousands upon thousands of pastors and lay people who are interested in the ideas and capable of having insightful conversations about them. But I discovered something. I really […]

Houston Conference

This weekend! If you’re in or around Houston, TX, I’d love to see you at the Christians for Biblical Equality conference ! My talk, “Walking by the Light of New Creation’s Dawn,” will be working out the importance of finding our place as participants in the New Creation when dealing with issues of gender in […]

Talk About Sex

Talking about sex is one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” sort of things. The images and lyrics and jokes and stories that fill our culture place sex at the forefront of practically everything we see and hear. But when the church tries to speak about sex, it often does so […]

On Christ and Shadows

How, exactly, might a Lenten practice “shadow” the Christ who is its substance? This question come from a reader, who was tracking with my “Shadowing Christ at Lent” post, but wanted to drill down a bit into how to think through the Christological implications of a practice of fasting. It seems that all the rage […]

What’s On Your Plate?

Slowing the blogging pace and stepping back for a week or two over the holidays, I started to think about what streams of conversation are flowing with particular force these days. Over the past couple of years there have been emergent or missional conversations that always provided ready fodder for conversation. But those streams have […]