Christ and Christian

The past few days have seen some good, some bad, and lots of challenging conversation go by on the post about gay marriage. One of the recurring points of conflict comes from the Bible: what is it and what are we supposed to do with it? As Christians, we are a people of the book. […]

Adding Normal Church

Folks who follow the blog (or my Facebook or Twitter projections) know that our family’s primary community of worship has been a house church since we moved to San Francisco almost three years ago. This has been a great experience. We found close community quickly, made the kind of friends with whom we can celebrate […]

Theological Adams: Gendered

Someone asked what the ramifications would be for male female relationships if the Gen 1-3 stories are not intended to be “history,” as such. Here, I don’t think that literal history matters very much. The point of the story is to describe how things came to be the way they are. They provide indicatives that […]

Forgiveness and Resurrection

Yesterday I did a little co-conspiring with Mark Scandrette and the guys from ikon here in San Francisco. We recorded a podcast about forgiveness (stay tuned for download details). The conversation generated a number of thoughts and questions, not all of them worked out in our short time recording. Perhaps one of the most important […]