Church and Seminary

Over at the Call and Response Blog, Carol Howard Merritt has a post reflecting on seminary-church relations. Specifically, what does someone in the church see form outside, looking into seminary-land, that gives pause when it comes to donating money? She raises three points: Seminary organizational structures appear bloated to church professionals who often make due […]

Denominations: “I’m not quite dead…”

Yesterday’s response to James K. A. Smith’s piece on the state of theology left me needing to articulate some balancing comments. I don’t think that denominations are entirely a waste of time and money. I don’t think you are being faithless to God if you are working within a denominational structure. I think that your […]

True Religion

For a chapter whose overall title is “The Revelation of God as the Abolition of Religion,” there sure is a lot Karl Barth managed to sneak in that sounds rather in favor of said institution. For example: a whole subsection entitled, “True Religion” (ยง17.3). Barth takes the human dimension of our religious expression quite seriously. […]