Redeeming Grace

Over the past fifteen years or so, the Evangelical churches in the U.S. have been waking up to the fact that for far too long its gospel has been far too small. Consumed with that part of its identity that demands personal encounter with and rescue by God, it had forgotten that it was supposed […]

Leadership for the Church in Mission

If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, or are coming to town for SBL, you need to be aware of a fantastic opportunity on Nov 17-18. The Newbigin House of Studies is hosting a conference entitled, “Leadership for the Church in Mission,” with N. T. Wright as the keynote speaker. But the slate […]

Psalms in the Story

The community we have been worshiping with on Sunday nights, Eucharist, is about to launch a series on the psalms. Here are some slightly modified reflections I put together for the weekly newsletter on reading the psalms as part of the larger story of scripture: “Let my whole being bless the Lord! Let everything inside […]

Church and Seminary

Over at the Call and Response Blog, Carol Howard Merritt has a post reflecting on seminary-church relations. Specifically, what does someone in the church see form outside, looking into seminary-land, that gives pause when it comes to donating money? She raises three points: Seminary organizational structures appear bloated to church professionals who often make due […]