Paris & Peace

Last night as I listened to the BBC coverage of the terror attacks in Paris I understood, again, how difficult it is to be a people of peace. No multi-national agreement or good will is going to stop the kind of butchery we heard of last night. People who are willing to kill, and who […]

Rubio's Swearing In

A Modest Proposal for a More Civil Politics

Apparently there was another Republican candidate presidential debate last night. I confess: I was watching baseball until a flurry of new friends came over for a most delightful evening around our dinner table. In other words, I enjoyed my evening rather than watching the debate. But there it was, waiting for me in the morning […]

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Modern Patriarchy

That moment when… you throw out something in a blog post that is completely untrue. In my post on Patriarchy and Homosexuality this past Saturday I wrote: Patriarchy is a system that nobody today agrees with or lives by. I had so many good intentions with that one. I wanted to have a little Kumbaya […]