Since my somewhat iconoclastic Trinity post from Thursday ruffled a feather or two, I figured that I would move into a post that has a little something for everyone today. You see, at heart I want everyone to have something to grab onto that really works for them. And so, to celebrate this everyman spirit […]

Dark Side of Chocolate (et al)

It’s Halloween season. In my world this translates into candy season. Actually, I’m not a huge candy guy. I pretty much have my needs met in this department by Twizzlers for movie-watching, and chocolate to accompany the right red wine, port, or stout beer. Chocolate. There’s the rub. In honor of our great day to […]

You Are What You Eat?

This month’s Christianity Today leads with an excellent article on food. Leslie Leyland Fields writes “A Feast Fit for The King,” which is a balanced assessment of the sustainable food movement. Fields does a nice job of setting up the issues that confront us when we take something off the shelf in the supermarket: Is […]

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself (Brownie Edition)

In keeping with this morning’s post about loving neighbors and community commitment, here’s a picture of today’s enactment of selfless love: For my neighbors who cannot do without bacon, the right side of this pan is an illustration of non-kosher brownie in all its glory: brownie topped with bacon, sea salt, and chocolate chips. For […]