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Look, I know that what I’m about to say sounds churlish. I hate it when people who create something get all on their high horse about people liking it, as though it shows some fundamental flaw in the audience that they think something is awesome. But seriously. I work hard here. I create thoughtful content […]

Naming Kirk Aright

For those who know me only from such online venues as my blog and blog comments, my name poses a bit of a mystery–an enigma wrapped in a Twinkie, if you will. What do these letters mean? What does he go by? Shall we call him “JR”? “JRDK”? “JERK”? I want to take this opportunity […]

Flirting with Death

I’ve been after this guy for weeks. And look at him now. Asleep. Taunting me in plain sight. Oh, mouse, you’re playin’ with death. UPDATE: For all my death-wielding words, I am a softie at heart. With minor injuries, the fuzz ball was caught and released. No doubt, the local hawk will be eating well […]

Luther’s Insults

You moderate enforcer and eulogizer of moderation. You are one of those bloody and deceitful people who affect modesty in words and appearance, but who meanwhile breathe out threats and blood. (Luther, “Against Latomus,” Luther’s Works, 32, p. 142) That is how I was insulted by Luther today. Indeed, there is a seemingly endless supply […]

Great Mysteries

Today, I put forward three great mysteries. I claim no truth or insight or revelation. I merely offer a thought for your consideration. Actually, three thoughts. And I want to know what you think. Mystery Number 1 It is widely celebrated these days that the proper method for measuring coffee is by weight. Thus, each […]


I’m not normally one who gives much thought, time, energy, or money to augmenting his wardrobe. Over the past year, however, I have found two exceptional pieces of clothing that demanded purchase. Both are t-shirts. First, in honor of my breakfast making, E’s obsession with, and Halloween dressing, as Darth Vader, together with E’s choice […]

Peliculate with Me

As those of you who are attentive to my Facebook or Twitter feeds already know, a new word has entered the English language this week. The word is peliculate. peliculate. verb. intransitive. to watch a movie. (from the Spanish, película: movie) Why introduce another word into the English language? Because we have no elegant verb […]


Since my somewhat iconoclastic Trinity post from Thursday ruffled a feather or two, I figured that I would move into a post that has a little something for everyone today. You see, at heart I want everyone to have something to grab onto that really works for them. And so, to celebrate this everyman spirit […]