6,000 Words

Since it’s Sunday for most of my loyal fans, here’s a little lighter fare for your weekend enjoyment: 6 pics from Auckland that, I hope, will produce the same sense of wry amusement within you that they did within me. First, I knew it was going to be a good trip from the first morning, […]


The giveaway contest for Mark Scandrette’s Practicing the Way of Jesus was intense. I laughed. I cried. More than one of you promised to dismiss, expose, not read, or otherwise ensure that Scandrette’s purposes in writing would not be fulfilled. Of course, it was from such a pool that the winner had to be chosen. […]

Sex Ed

I never liked The Wonder Years. I the problem had to do with the pain of self-realization. I was right about the age of the characters and didn’t like my life being shown up for the total uncoolness it really was. However, there was one scene that I have always loved, and I share it […]

April Fool Rankings

The Top 50 Biblioblog rankings are out. It seems I’ve slipped a bit out of the Top 10. I feel the urge to chastise you for this, because as an INTJ I know it can’t be my fault. The burden must fall to the shoulders of my readers. However, In the spirit of humility which […]

Photo Caption Winner!

We had a fabulous photo caption contest this week. Thanks to all for your stirring, entertaining entries. Not only did the picture stir marvelous one-liners, it also sparked some thoughtful theology, a few songs, and even its very own blog post. I regret to inform the more pious among you that I decided to go […]