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Wind at Your Back

About a year and a half ago, I started running. I’ve never liked running, truthfully. So I also started biking on off days, as a sort of treat to myself for being so good and running on the others. One reason I don’t like running is that exercise has never been an escape for me. […]

On Asking Questions

The way of wisdom is often to be found in knowing the right questions to ask. This morning, my 6 year old was mostly getting herself together for school. In fact, she was pretty sure she was ready to go. “Do you want to put something in your hair today? And what about a jacket?” […]

Authority and Responsibility?

On Seth Godin’s blog, he took up the issue of having authority. People want authority because they want to have the leverage to get things done. He said that the way we conceptualize authority should be shifted. Here was his proposal: “Anyone who takes responsibility for getting something done is welcome to ask for the […]