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Animal Mask and Friendship

My post on Tuesday about friendship had several muses. One of them was this song, “Animal Mask,” from the new Mountain Goats album, Beat the Champ. In concerts John Darnielle has said that it’s about a battle royal–and about the labor and delivery room. Maybe that explains it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a […]

Adjustment Bureau

Does God’s sovereignty mean that God is in charge of every bit of minutia that transpires in the world–including the choices we make? Does God’s sovereignty mean that God determines certain outcomes that will definitely take place but other things are left up to us? If God has a “plan” for me, can I mess […]

Red Dog (and other stories)

Saturday night, the annual film festival known as Windrider Bay Area hosted a showing of Red Dog. At the screening we were told that Red Dog is the all-time #3 selling DVD in Australia behind Avatar and Finding Nemo. (We also got to see the canine star’s screen test, which is hilarious.) The showing was […]

Pagels on Revelation

Yesterday, Elaine Pagels was on NPR’s Fresh Air discussing her new book on Revelation. The interview was interesting on a number of levels. She discussed the place that the book of Revelation has had in the history of interpretation, and how it was likely intended to be read in its first-century context. Pagels located John’s […]

On the Importance of Bombs

Warning: this post is rated PG-13 for language. If you find strong language deeply offensive, please come back tomorrow. But really, the offense of strong language is the point. Sometimes life needs to be rated PG-13 for language. Because the reality of life rarely lives up to its Rated-G billing (better: the Rated G fascade […]