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For those interested in reading through Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics together, here is the reading schedule for 2012. Also, this is going to be the place where I will put a link to your blog if you are going to do your own posts each week as you read. Please let me know if you’re doing this and I will link to your site.

The reading schedule and links from year 1 are available here.

55 thoughts on “Karl Barth Reading”

  1. I’ve read much “of” and “about” Barth but very little of “Barth” himself (I suspect I’m not alone on that one). Thanks for providing us this wonderful opportunity to read and discuss the Dogmatics together. It was the best reason I had to shell out the 100 bucks for the set.

  2. Tom Steed (see his remarks above) is the one who told me about the opportunity to read Barth. I look forward to reading and discussing him. Thanks.

  3. Just got the confirmation from CBD that my books have shipped. I’ve never read Barth so I figured $100 and a web link were an affordable means of some ongoing education. I look forward to the conversation. pvk

  4. Hmmm, might be fun if we could really get a good discussion going and I wouldn’t end up lost and alone in an endless systematic landscape. I’m in.

  5. Daniel, I’m sure that the history books will remember the community of bloggers who ventured through Barth together. This is groundbreaking and epic in every sense of the word(s). I got mine in last week and noticed the index added as the last volume—that’s an extremely helpful resource and I especially like the summaries of each work included at the beginning. Hear hear!

  6. I’m in. Thanks for organizing this. My volumes of CD have been on my shelf for four years. I’ve cracked them a time or two but need to read them (as intended) in some form of community. So, again, thanks. Looking forward to tracking with you.

  7. Tempting!

    I had originally ordered the $100 CD by Barth but then canceled my order before it shipped solely because I thought I was wasting my money on a volume I would never read through. This reading plan, however, makes me think it is quite doable (7 years is a long time though!).

    I wonder if the set is still on sale for $100…..

  8. My wife just got the set for my birthday and I’m in. Not sure yet if I’ll have time to blog through it.

    Question: Do you have any recommendations for a best Barth biography (or two)? Not just a summary of (or reflection on) his theology, but a true biography. After reading Hannah’s Child and seeing how much it helped me get Hauerwas in fresh and crucial ways, I’d love to jump in to this thing with some similar knowage of Barth.

  9. So I wasn’t planning on doing this… but the schedule really does look manageable, and I want to make myself learn all the things I probably should have learned in seminary. ;o)

    You can list our blog, and I think one/both of us should be able to post on the readings on a regular basis.

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