Are We Good for Anything?

At a meeting affiliated with the Society of Biblical Literature in New Orleans, I sat listening as a man at a podium spoke most earnestly about the importance of the Genesis creation narratives in establishing the importance of creation-care as a Christian mandate. And he was right. And, twenty years earlier this would have been […]

Women In Church–Around the Web

Since this has become the unofficial site of things women-in-the-church for the past couple weeks, here are two things from elsewhere: (1) The Church of England is in the process of clearing the way for women to be ordained as bishops. I’m not sure that the BBC is the best interpreter of the news, but […]

What, Are You Blind?

I love the story of the blind man in John 9. Stereotypically Johannine, the kind of story that we read of in 6 or 8 verses in the Synoptics is told, retold, and developed for an entire chapter. As the story unfolds we have opportunity to witness various types of responses to Jesus and Jesus’ […]

“Anglican Unity Movement Splits”

So read the provocative headline over a one-paragraph news story in Christianity today. “Unity” movement “splits”. Sigh. I have a number of friends in Anglican Mission churches. I know that a number of the particular churches are doing great work. And, I know that a number of the congregations suffered for years under bishops that, […]