And Give You Peace

Sometimes, people who make no profession of allegiance to Jesus shame me through their telling or enactment of the gospel story. I’ve commented about the Mountain Goats here several times over the past few weeks. Monday I was looking for some copyright information for the song Love, Love, Love and stumbled across the liner notes […]

What We Do, Echoing in Eternity

“What we do in life echoes in eternity!” Thus saith Maximus, the Gladiator. Now the question we’re all asking: is Gladiator good theology? I’ve been reading through Revelation, and today came through a few chapters close to the end. This is where the great whore goes up in flames and becomes sport for her own […]

SBL Motion

It has come to my attention that the following motion is going to be proposed for consideration at SBL this year, a response to recent dust-ups over what constitutes appropriate standards of scholarly activity in a religious-studies oriented context. As I understand it, this is going to be recommended as one 4-part motion. 1. That […]