At the Wheaton Theology Conference, N. T. Wright mentioned how much harder it is to get a PhD in New Testament if you’re an ENFP than if you’re an ISTJ. In case you were wondering about the pathologies lying behind Storied Theology, here you go:

After Inerrancy (Part 1)

Last week or so we had some good discussion here on the authorship of the Pastoral Epistles. It seemed that one of the tangential issues related to that debate was the question of “inerrancy” or other ways of thinking about biblical authority. The particular question of Pauline authorship was part of a larger set of […]

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself (Brownie Edition)

In keeping with this morning’s post about loving neighbors and community commitment, here’s a picture of today’s enactment of selfless love: For my neighbors who cannot do without bacon, the right side of this pan is an illustration of non-kosher brownie in all its glory: brownie topped with bacon, sea salt, and chocolate chips. For […]

The Gospel We Don’t Know

In May, I was in New York listening to a bunch of folks at Redeemer Presbyterian Church talk through the intersection of their faith, their “secular” work, and theological education. At one point in the discussion, a person suggested that maybe what self-sacrificial love looks like in this transient world of ours is committing oneself […]