Re: The Mountain Goats

Due to the wayward influence of The Foolish Sage, my new musical addiction is The Mountain Goats. I could try to describe their music, but instead I’ll describe its effect on me: it’s like listening to lyrics that Flannery O’Connor would have written had she been born a dude in Southern California in the late […]

Borges, “Gospel According to Mark”

A friend of mine drew my attention to The New Yorker‘s fiction podcast. Specifically, he drew my attention to a reading of Jorge Luis Borges’s “The Gospel According to Mark.” I commend it to you in all its disturbing Borgesness. (The story can be found in Borges, “Collected Fictions” [trans. A. Hurley])

Graduation and the Kingdom

Charged with the task of delivering this afternoon’s commencement address at Fuller Northern California, I have been wrestling for a month or so over what graduation from seminary has to do with the Kingdom of God. The closest thing I can come up with is this: Seminary graduation is a manifestation of the Kingdom akin […]

Unity and Diversity

A couple of things around the blogsphere have prodded some thinking about unity and diversity in the church. These came up at the same time as someone sent me an e-mail responding to the “unity of the church” section in my Romans book. His questions included these: How, practically, are you supposed to get a […]

The End of Mark & the Synoptic Problem

I finished teaching my Greek Exegesis of Mark course on Thursday, which meant going over arguments about the ending(s) of the Gospel. A product of my time, I very much delight in the abrupt ending: “…the said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.” The commentary the class was using wasn’t so sanguine on this […]

Why Paul Gets a Bad Rap

“One reason that Paul gets a bad rap is that letters bearing his name provide biblical ammunition for almost every injustice that Christians have perpetrated in the name of Jesus.” -J. R. D. Kirk That would pretty much do it. -J. R. D. Kirk Exactly. -J. R. D. Kirk Dude, are you talking to yourself […]

If God He Was…

An interesting, if uneven, piece in by Adam Gopnik in The New Yorker had this to say about Jesus: If God he was—not some Hindu-ish avatar or offspring of God, but actually one with God—then God once was born and had dirty diapers and took naps. The longer you think about it, the more astounding, […]