NT Post: St. John’s Nottingham

This job advert came my way today. FYI: St John’s Nottingham TUTOR IN NEW TESTAMENT Due to a significant growth in student numbers, we wish to appoint a full-time lecturer in New Testament Studies from September 1st 2010. St John’s stands in the evangelical and charismatic tradition within the Church of England, and is committed […]

Christian Sexuality? (Part 2b of 2c)

In a nutshell, this is what I see going on in the Christian story: the economy of the world is turned on its head. Into a world of scarcity, want, and conflict, the kingdom of God dawns when Jesus brings abundance, free giving, and self-denial. The conditions that provoke conflict and grabbing for power are […]

God Must Hate–to Be Good and Just

“…if God does not hate the wickedness that happens in his beautiful world, he is neither a good nor a just God, and chaos is come again.” N. T. Wright, “The Cross and the Caricatures” The whole article, though long, is worth reading. It is especially helpful in laying out more concisely the importance of […]

From “Hosanna” to “Crucify”?

Sometimes, you’re reading along and a mean old New Testament scholar steals your favorite passage, reinterpreting it or telling you it’s not part of the original text. Today’s installment is courtesy of R. T. France: Those who react with enthusiasm to the arrival of the Galilean Messiah are thus Jesus’ Galilean supporters rather than the […]

Must We Judge?

Andy Crouch says, “Every act of creativity involves judgment.” Best Question 3 – Judgment and Power from Culture Making on Vimeo. I think that’s right–and that the stronger sense of “judgment” has to find some faithful means of expression in Christian community.

What is Seminary?

I’ve really been enjoying the conversation about seminary education over the past couple of days. Thanks for joining in! Jumping off of those threads, I’ve been thinking about how we should conceptualize seminary as a component of preparation for ministry. So here’s the question: Should we think of seminary as preparation for ministry that happens […]