“The Gospel”

The idea that, when reading Romans, one must choose whether Romans 1-4, 5-8, or 9-11 represents “the gospel” results from a basic misunderstanding of what “the gospel” is. “The gospel” is the Christ event itself: the good news that the crucified Christ is the resurrected Lord over all. It is only when one makes the […]

Waltke Situation Letters

Justin Taylor has kindly posted letters from Bruce Waltke and Ric Cannada that attempt to clarify what went down with Bruce Waltke’s resignation. My only beef is that the uproar is attributed to “poor handling” of the video. No, Bruce, you simply said what you thought. And that’s o.k. The tragedy is not that the […]

Exploring Our Bulldog Matrix?

I’ve discovered why James “Exploring Our Matrix” McGrath is so supportive of his school’s basketball run. This from ESPN.com: INDIANAPOLIS — Brad Stevens is content to keep coaching the Butler way. The 33-year-old coach, who came within a buzzer-beating shot of winning the NCAA men’s basketball championship, signed a 12-year deal Thursday that extends through the […]

Living the Gospel

… a.k.a., David Dark is my hero. An article that begins promisingly with this quote: “What you believe is what you see is what you are is what you do. —Stanley Fish” Continues anon with this: In considering Will Campbell, the Jesuits of The Mission, and, in time, figures like Dorothy Day and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, […]

On Representation

I found this progression in Mark 6 to be a fascinating picture of how the sender and those sent are identified with each other: The disciples go out preaching, casting out demons, anointing with oil and healing. And we find that the disciples’ ministry makes Herod anxious. Why can they do such marvelous things? Herod […]