Driving Christ and Reading James

Luther fan that I am, I have a huge soft-spot in my heart for the whole idea of the NT promoting Christ. You know, the whole life death and resurrection of Jesus thing? I tend to think that stuff is pretty important in defining Christianity and setting the trajectories for faithful Christian action. The idea […]

Resurrection in CT

Well why not? Maybe I can make my blog a running commentary on Christianity Today… I’m now in possession of the April issue, which features a lovely picture of Jesus with a crown of thorns, and the promise of a Scot McKnight article on why the failure to find the “real” Jesus is a good […]

Feet of Clay?

I’ve been slow on my reading of Douglas Campbell’s The Deliverance of God lately. Sorry to leave you all hanging. I’m currently going through the chapter where he critiques the traditional “justification theory” reading of Romans 1:18-3:20. In general, I find in reading through this section that my fears from the earlier chapters are playing […]

Endorsing Imperfection

Today, the CEO of University of California San Francisco (a medical behemoth here in San Francisco) sent out this letter. I tend to steer clear of political topics here. Not my bailiwick. But thought it was an interesting perspective: why a large hospital system would endorse imperfection. In short, he thinks its worth it to […]

How Necessary is Doctrine?

A comment on yesterday’s post raised the question of whether I was really talking about theology or whether doctrine was more the source of my own fears and the exercise that, itself, operates out of certain fears. The question of theology or doctrine is a good one, and perhaps a good segue into some further […]

Theology & Fear

I am pondering a series, in partial response to Adam’s request for some sort of positive depiction of what I think theology is good for, and where it fits into the life of the church. Part of my response to that plea is to invite you to reread the first several posts where I talk […]