Easter’s Adam

It’s still Easter. This is your regular reminder. I know how it is: the lamb is long since gone from the fridge, the extra half pound you gained by eating Cadbury Cream Eggs has been shed in anticipation of that summer by the pool, so there aren’t very many reminders. But it’s still Easter. As […]

Context is Queen

I keep returning to the abba prayer in Mark and Paul. I’m revisiting what is perhaps the most influential study of the prayer, Joachim Jeremias’ The Prayers of Jesus. If you’ve ever heard that Jesus’ addressing God as “abba” would have been shocking for its intimacy; or if you’ve heard that “abba” is the Aramaic […]

Ransom–Slavery or Guilt?

Typically, the evangelical churches I run in the ways we talk about the death of Jesus have to do with guilt. Specifically, they have to do with paying the punishment incurred by our faithlessness and guilt. But there’s a good argument to be made for metaphors and images that do justice to other dynamics of […]

Questions and Answers

I love writing about theological things for folks who aren’t academic professionals. One of the great benefits of being a New Testament professor is that there are thousands upon thousands of pastors and lay people who are interested in the ideas and capable of having insightful conversations about them. But I discovered something. I really […]

Life-Giving Widow

The Freely-Given Life On several occasionsI’ve reflected on the nameless woman who anoints Jesus in Mark 14. She is unique in that Jesus promises that her deed of burial-preparation / anointing will be told everywhere the gospel is proclaimed. Why remember her? It seems that she alone, of all the characters in the story, has […]

Marriage, Sex, and Procreation

It seems that everywhere I turn, folks are responding in some way to the North Carolina amendment 1, which solidifies NC’s legal ban on gay marriage and also forbids the state from recognizing civil unions of both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Today I want to respond to one way that my evangelical Christian friends have […]

Temple as People

Spoiler! Since I figure that most of you don’t read Catholic Biblical Quarterly, I thought I’d risk a spoiler here of a forthcoming article there. And, for those of you who do so read, you can go there for the argument later this summer. Here it is: in Mark, the replacement of the physical temple […]

Easter and Conquest

I agree with my regular reader and commenter who has said that it’s always Easter, and that relegating it to a few weeks of the church calendar is a mistake. It is always Easter. Christ the Lord is risen today. And yesterday. And in the middle of March. And on December 25. But it seems […]