Divine Son of Man? (Boyarin review, part 1)

Daniel Boyarin has come out with a short, readable book arguing a provocative thesis. The Jewish Gospels, The Story of the Jewish Christ sets out to demonstrate that early Christian ideas about Jesus are all Jewish ideas about a coming messiah figure. Many Jews, argues Boyarin, believed that a divine being would come to rescue […]

Who Am I?

As a Christian, who am I? As Christians, who are we? Lots of different answers are given to this one, many of which we don’t speak out loud, but simple assume. Other answers are spoken out loud, at times, but perhaps they do not seep in deeply enough to come to the point of “unspoken […]

Ne’er Blooming

I love magnolia trees. I owe this to my North Carolina connections generally, but to my two years at Wake Forest in particular. There’s nothing quite like a tree that soars 50 feet (or more) into the air, with the prefect branch system for climbing and making mischief. So, of course, I plant them at […]

Abba Chicken, Abba Egg

It is often asserted that Jesus’ cry abba, father, reflects the memory of the early church. This is how Jesus prayed. Not only this, but several people have followed the line of argument that Jesus prayed like this not once, but every time he addressed God as “father”–referring to him as abba. The prayer recurs […]

The Story Beyond the Story

This weekend I reflected on the importance of narrative theology for keeping our theology from coming off the rails. A commenter drew attention to an article in this month’s Christianity Today to ask about those parts of the Bible that aren’t, in fact, narrative. This is an important question to address. What’s all this talk […]