Gospel as Cruciform Kingdom

When Jesus was proclaiming the advent of the reign of God, he was proclaiming the good news (the gospel). The introduction to Mark tells us that his whole story demarcates the beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ—and that story culminates in Jesus’ crucifixion and report of his resurrection. As I prepare for a […]

Easter is Fathers Day

This week I spoke with a friend who, this past Sunday, was able to celebrate fathers day with her husband for the fist time. They had been trying to have a baby for a long time. For all that our Hallmark holiday is a celebration of the parent, for the parent the day conjures up […]

Jesus Christ v. Eternal Principles

At the beginning of Unlocking Romans, I reflected on how Christians have, at times, defined God. Scrolling through Augustine, Anselm, and the Westminster Confession, I summarized thus: Not only do these Christian definitions, like their Greek philosophical counterparts, all focus on a g/God who is wholly other, they also define God in universal terms without […]

Forsaken on Easter?

It’s still Easter. As long as Christians confess that God showed Himself faithful in raising up the Christ who faithfully went to death on the cross, it’s still Easter. When God raises Jesus from the dead, God declares that divine fidelity will be the end of the story. When God raises Jesus from the dead, […]

Cambridge in Late June

Next week I’ll be heading to Cambridge (the U.K. version, not the Massachusetts version). In addition to a couple days in London beforehand for Laura, here’s what’s going on. Cut and pasted from the newsletter of the Institute for Biblical Research: *New Program for Beginning IBR Scholars. The Board of IBR is excited to announce […]

Election and Grace

The history of the doctrine of predestination has at times viewed humanity as the recipients of a stark dual decree of God: some are predestined to life, others to destruction. As Karl Barth lays out his project for a revisionist assessment of the notion of election, he demands that the focus of election be the […]

Important Survey!

As I embark on Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics 2.2, I want to know what you think will be results of my delving into Barth’s creative reimagining of the doctrine of election. Please take the one-question survey below! Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool. **UPDATE** After 26 hours, the poll […]