Independence Day

Farewell, old masters–it’s Independence Day! Or fare poorly for that matter. Your reign has come to an end. And we are free. Of course, this freedom is not cheaply gained. Such victories never are. The victory over our cruel overlords was won through blood and death. But more than that, it was cemented by resurrection. […]

Best of the First

Big thanks to Englewood Review of Books who listed Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? among their picks for the Best Books of the First Half of 2012. Clearly, it’s time for you to see (if you haven’t already) what all the hype is about:

Performing the Truth

“Martyrdom is communicative action.” This is a claim that Kevin Vanhoozer expounds, following the writings of Kierkegaard (First Theology, p. 364). This claim was brought to the table this morning as we were talking cross, kingdom, and gospel. What kind of reign is this reign of God of which we speak? What kind of power […]

Henry V and the Kingdom of God

We need to understand the Biblical picture of the reign of God or, as Christians, we will enact poor parodies of that reign as we stumble our way toward Christian faithfulness. I confess, all of the anti-Empire work that’s floating around New Testament scholarship makes me more than a little nervous, as does N. T. […]