Friendship in Houston

The blog is an overflow of my life. I spend all day thinking, writing, and talking about theology and Bible. So my blog is an ongoing discussion of such things. For the past day and a half, the life of which this space is an overflow has been lived in Houston, TX. After the CBE […]

A Time to Speak

“Sometimes silence is golden. Sometimes, it’s just plain yella‘.” That one-liner is one of my a summary takeaways from this weekend’s Christians for Biblical Equality conference in Houston. The gathering was a multifaceted engagement with God’s calling of women into all ministries of the church: there was teaching, digging into scripture, and, perhaps most importantly, […]

Faith and Cross

I keep mulling two recent blog posts in relation to one another. One, inspired by Seth Godin, reflected on being patient with people who are not yet convinced. Patience is the fruit of hopeful expectation (and impatience a signal of weakness and fear). The other was a springboard from an article on abstinence campaigns. The […]

God is One

If there is a central faith confession in ancient Israel, it is that God is one. Well, at least, God alone is Israel’s God, which then gradually becomes, the only true and living God. But let’s not quibble over the historical development from henotheism to monotheism. Because, after all, as Barth reminds us in Church […]

Abstinence is Death

In an interview with Christianity Today Christine Gardner talks about the language that Evangelicals use to talk about abstinence. Gardner’s book is entitled, Making Abstinence Sexy–a telling encapsulation of how Evangelical abstinence are striving to affirm the culture’s obsession with sex–and visions of abundant, great sex in particular–while giving it a distinctive, Christian veneer: They […]

Houston Conference

This weekend! If you’re in or around Houston, TX, I’d love to see you at the Christians for Biblical Equality conference ! My talk, “Walking by the Light of New Creation’s Dawn,” will be working out the importance of finding our place as participants in the New Creation when dealing with issues of gender in […]