The Gospel We Find?

In talking about the Bible as (not) an owners manual for life, we discussed the connection between expectations of the Bible / assumptions about what the Bible is, what we look for / hope for from the Bible, and what we actually find when we turn to it. A similar problem besets our articulations of […]

No Country for Old Qoheleth

Over the past couple of weeks, the Reel Spirituality folks have posted the first two parts of a three part series I’ve written on Coen Brothers films and biblical wisdom literature. The first was on True Grit and Proverbs, the second on A Serious Man and Job. Today’s installment is on the Qoheleth-haunted landscape of […]

On Receiving Worship

What does it mean for the first Christians’ understanding of Jesus that he was wrapped up into their praise and worship? That question drives some explorations of the Christology of the early church. For a people committed to monotheism to include another in their worship would seem to point toward a recognition of that other’s […]

God is Love?

“God is love.” This is one of the most important things Christians say about God. And, it is one of the most abused. The problem with saying “God is love” is twofold. First, we assume that we know what love means already, so the phrase becomes a bit of a mirror rather than an insight […]

Post-Doc in Durham

In the other Durham (not the one that’s one of the three greatest cities in the U.S.) there is a fantastic three-year post-doctoral research opportunity for NT and early Christianity types. Post Doctoral Researcher “The Fourfold Gospel and its Rivals” Durham University – Department of Theology and Religion Salary (£) 23811 – 29249 University of […]

What is Narrative Theology?

A commenter on my previous post about Narrative Theology referenced Joel Green’s article, “Narrative Theology,” in the Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible. That article nicely encapsulates the much of the positive vision for narrative theology I’ve been fumbling for here over the past week: Yahweh’s purpose thus determines the shape of this narrative […]

Job and Jefferson Airplane

Over at Reel Spirituality, Part 2 of my work on the Wisdom Literature in Coen Brothers films is up. This time, the topic is the reflection of Job in A Serious Man. If True Grit embodies Proverbs’ economy of just recompense, A Serious Man provides us with a modern-day Job story: the economy of Proverbs […]