The Command of the Foot Washer

The debate about the place of the Law (or not) rages on in the comments of yesterday’s post, whilst my life is flooded with non-cyber-life that has me engaged elsewhere. But perhaps we might allow Maundy Thursday to direct a contribution to the discussion. Depending on whom you ask, “maundy” may be derivative of the […]

PhD Funding: Paul Among the Philosophers

A great opportunity is available for graduating Masters Degree students interested in pursuing a PhD studying Paul in the context of ancient philosophers: PhD position “Paul among the Ancient Philosophers”, University of Groningen PhD position (4 years fulltime) “Paul among the Ancient Philosophers: ‘Pistis’ as Reasonable Trust” at the University of Groningen, under the supervision […]

Naming Kirk Aright

For those who know me only from such online venues as my blog and blog comments, my name poses a bit of a mystery–an enigma wrapped in a Twinkie, if you will. What do these letters mean? What does he go by? Shall we call him “JR”? “JRDK”? “JERK”? I want to take this opportunity […]

Words of Wisdom

It’s not often that an interview leaves deep and lasting impressions. Especially when it is someone else’s interview. And even more especially when this person did not take the job for which he was on the hot seat. But such is the case for one series of conversations I got to be part of as […]


Forgiveness is powerful. It is powerful when we long for it and do not receive it. It is powerful when we receive it and thereby receive newness of life. This is the sermon I heard last night. The preachers? Despereaux and The Doctor. The Tale of Despereaux is about a rat and a mouse, a […]