Writers and Readers

Writes and readers are not the same things. I heard such a claim from a theologian friend of mine once. He had been told that you could either write or read, but probably not do both. He thought it was lame. Then he became a writer. And understood. I listen to the New Yorker Fiction […]

R. T. France has Died

From Peter Head: I learnt this morning that Dick France had died on 1oth Feb 2012. I studied Mark’s Gospel with Dick in 1985-86 at LBC. They were great times with a small group of us gathered round the text under Dick’s guidance. His books (especially Jesus and the Old Testament and Matthew: Evangelist and […]

Poverty: It’s Getting Better Without You

Mark Galli has a challenging piece in the February edition of Christianity Today. The short of it: Governments are better suited to fight global poverty than faith-based groups, and they’re actually doing a reasonably good job at it. Poverty is shrinking worldwide, according to the article, and is anticipated to continue to take a slide […]

Soft In My Old Age

Today I made the mistake of turning the radio to something other than sports on my drive to work. I don’t know why I thought the sounds of NPR would be better for my soul than the Jim Rome Show, but I made the call and now I have to live with it. True confessions: […]

What’s The Bible, Again?

I made the comment in passing on Rachel Held Evans’ blog yesterday, but it bears repeating here (and even if it didn’t, it’s my blog, right?!): When we debate issues such as women in the church, the underlying debate is “What is the Bible?” At the beginning of the year, I posted some thoughts on […]