In Search of Proverbial Grit

The Reel Spirituality folks at Fuller’s Brehm Center have posted part 1 of a three part series consisting of my reflections on the Wisdom Literature in Coen Brothers films. This is a lightly touched-up rendition of my SBL Paper, “New Country for Old Men: Qoheleth, Job, and Solomon in Coen Brothers Filmography.” As the film […]

Creatio Ex Nihilo

Here’s the reality of my life: when I’m engaged in creative work, creativity ideas overflow into every other area. When I’m overwhelmed with administrative tasks, when I’m on extended periods of daddy duty, when my emotional and mental energies are sapped by conflict, when I’m thinking through the same things over and over again–in these […]

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You’ll notice that there is a new widget over to the right. Beneath my short bio you can now enter your mail address and subscribe to new blog posts. It’s a new toy, so there are probably some bugs to iron out. But check it out, and sign on up if you’re so inclined.

Evangelistic Voice

Evangelism isn’t my thing. I have vivid memories of trying to pull it off. One week in college I attempted the “Florida Evangelism Project”: contact evangelism on the beach during Spring Break. Easily one of the top five worst weeks of my life. Mostly because I sucked at it. Years later, I was about to […]


Communities make things believable. They are the “plausibility structures” that provide us with the scaffolding we need to integrate what we experience with what we believe. Given the right plausibility structure, the belief that the earth is under 10,000 years old becomes largely self-evident, the clear grid for assessing every piece of scientific data. Given […]

Writers and Readers

Writes and readers are not the same things. I heard such a claim from a theologian friend of mine once. He had been told that you could either write or read, but probably not do both. He thought it was lame. Then he became a writer. And understood. I listen to the New Yorker Fiction […]

R. T. France has Died

From Peter Head: I learnt this morning that Dick France had died on 1oth Feb 2012. I studied Mark’s Gospel with Dick in 1985-86 at LBC. They were great times with a small group of us gathered round the text under Dick’s guidance. His books (especially Jesus and the Old Testament and Matthew: Evangelist and […]

Poverty: It’s Getting Better Without You

Mark Galli has a challenging piece in the February edition of Christianity Today. The short of it: Governments are better suited to fight global poverty than faith-based groups, and they’re actually doing a reasonably good job at it. Poverty is shrinking worldwide, according to the article, and is anticipated to continue to take a slide […]