It’s Still Easter

Just a reminder, especially for all the self-inflicting faithful who suffered through forty days of Lenten fasts: it’s still Easter. I know, it’s Thursday. But really. (Of course, in terms of cosmic reality, it really is always Easter and Lent is a sort of game we play to keep us from taking it for granted. […]

The Law, the OT, and Christians

Over the past couple of weeks we have been poking around various issues of the relationship of Christians with the scriptures of Israel. It all started with some musings on why Christians don’t keep Sabbath, and that expanded into the question of Law more generally: [in what sense] do Christians keep the Law? But each […]

Receiving Justice

Power. Too often, power is the enemy of justice. “Justice” is the cry of those who cannot make their own. Power calls itself justice. It makes a thriving land a desert and calls it peace. Power knows how to be rid of a nuisance. It knows how to excommunicate. It knows how to execute. But […]

Our Sin in God

Karl Barth, thoughts on our sin and God, appropriate for Holy Saturday: It is His heart, not ours, which is suffering when we think that we are the sufferers and that we have a right or obligation to lament. His heart is wounded, and wounded through our heart… Sin attains its true form as opposition […]

God’s Problem

Good Friday is any number of things. It is death. It is self-giving sacrifice (at least, it is in John). It is the handing over of the Son by the Father for our sakes. But it is also the epitomization of God’s biggest problem. It is God not doing what God could have done to […]

The Command of the Foot Washer

The debate about the place of the Law (or not) rages on in the comments of yesterday’s post, whilst my life is flooded with non-cyber-life that has me engaged elsewhere. But perhaps we might allow Maundy Thursday to direct a contribution to the discussion. Depending on whom you ask, “maundy” may be derivative of the […]

PhD Funding: Paul Among the Philosophers

A great opportunity is available for graduating Masters Degree students interested in pursuing a PhD studying Paul in the context of ancient philosophers: PhD position “Paul among the Ancient Philosophers”, University of Groningen PhD position (4 years fulltime) “Paul among the Ancient Philosophers: ‘Pistis’ as Reasonable Trust” at the University of Groningen, under the supervision […]