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The Perfect Who Suffer

This week’s LectioCast offers a guided tour through passages with perfect sufferers: Job and Jesus as described in Hebrews. And, yes, there might just be a Mountain Goats reference in there somewhere for both of you who love them as much as I do. Bo Sanders is back, and there are some gems in this […]

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Modern Patriarchy

That moment when… you throw out something in a blog post that is completely untrue. In my post on Patriarchy and Homosexuality this past Saturday I wrote: Patriarchy is a system that nobody today agrees with or lives by. I had so many good intentions with that one. I wanted to have a little Kumbaya […]


Ahmed Mohamed, Fear, and Love

Ahmed Mohamed. Guilty of being smart and brown. Guilty of being precocious and Muslim? Arab? He built a clock. He was taken into custody and would only say it was a clock. Because… well… it was a clock. Here’s a persecution worth getting worked up about. Or maybe it’s better to say that here is […]

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Enter the Inverted Economy

This week’s LectioCast features another humming conversation with Bo Sanders. Weaving our ways through the passages, we find a recurring call to invest in God’s own way of being in the world. We discover afresh that the life we’re called to live into requires a tremendous amount of faith. The scriptures invite us to enter […]