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Healthy Theology: Loving Neighbor

Last week, I started musing a bit on how we might achieve theological health. Riffing off the following from Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?, I suggested that our starting point might be asking the question, “How do we best love God?”: …theology that produces bad behavior loses its claim to be giving faithful stage […]

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Naming Rape Rightly

This week on the LectioCast I get on a hobby-horse or two. Let’s start with one of the most important: If you are preaching on David and Bathsheba this week or ever, David did not commit adultery with Bathsheba. David raped Bathsheba. In a world in which we continue to struggle, for some reason, with […]

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Son(s) of God

One of the most important biblical-theological moves I have been making recently is to read the Jesus story against the backdrop of Ps 89. What makes Ps 89 so great is the way that it depicts God’s unique sovereignty and kingship over the earth, only to move into a celebration of God’s promises to make […]



From the time we’re born, we are brought up to find our way within institutions. Families show us how to act in ways that will be rewarded or punished . Schools have their own slate of right and wrong, honoring certain behaviors, inculcating us into a social way of life. Businesses have their standards of […]