Past, Present, and Future

In last night’s rendition of a sermon on salvation, the pastor began by asking whether salvation is something past, something present, or something future. The answer is “yes,” depending on where you look. As he was working out the past, present, and future dynamics of salvation, it occurred to me that one might frame the […]

Miracles and Ethnocentrism

Craig Keener is interviewed in the latest Christianity Today about his new book, Miracles. I have not read the book, but commend the article for insight into how a Christian scholar is going about his business. Keener, in his historical study of miracles, began with the historian’s caution. But he has come to embrace the […]

Deep Hope

“I can’t write about the ending of the story, papa, because it doesn’t have an ending.” My six-year-old was in the back seat, dutifully completing her reading log for school. But The Giving Tree had introduced an unexpected wrinkle into her plans. “All the happy things happen at the beginning and the sad things happen […]

Peace of Christ Be With You

Yesterday I had more opportunity to reflect on “peace” within the context of the Christian story. Where I kept getting pushed was how “Being children of God,” as peacemakers, reflects the breadth of God’s redeeming love. In short, peacemaking as Christians is our turning toward one another, and the larger world, with what we have […]


“When Jesus said, ‘Love your enemy,’ he probably meant don’t kill them.” The bumper sticker puts things starkly. It undermines political pretensions to go to war in the name of Jesus. But the question circles back around: to what extent can a Christian ethic such as, “Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute […]