Giveaway Winners!

A couple weeks ago I offered a bribe to anyone willing to help me with input on my Colossians study-notes writing: give me your thoughts and I’ll enter you into a drawing for a free book. A random drawing has produced the following results: Joel Green, Practicing Theological Interpretation goes to… Greg McMurphy! Jenell Williams […]

Imaging the Biblical God

Rachel Held Evans has drawn attention to John Piper’s recent declarations that Christianity has a masculine feel, and that this is, of course, great news for everyone–even women, whose feminine feel isn’t, apparently, part of what God intended for Christianity. Piper’s point is that God intentionally depicted Himself in masculine imagery, and that this sets […]

Jesus, Adam, Union with Christ

Being “in Christ” is a crucial component of Paul’s soteriology (how salvation works). Want to be part of God’s great reconciliation project? It was in Christ that God was reconciling the world to Himself–look to union with Christ. Want to be part of God’s family? You are all children of God, in Christ Jesus, by […]

Great Mysteries

Today, I put forward three great mysteries. I claim no truth or insight or revelation. I merely offer a thought for your consideration. Actually, three thoughts. And I want to know what you think. Mystery Number 1 It is widely celebrated these days that the proper method for measuring coffee is by weight. Thus, each […]

Gaining Assurance

Ever wished you had a little more certainty about the whole Christian story? How do you respond to your moments of doubt, or those episodes when things feel tenuous? Is there a biblical “program” for attaining to full assurance of the faith we confess in Christ? The Christian faith has numerous several heroes of uncertainty […]