Jesus or God?

In yesterday’ stop along the Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? blog tour, Jim West demurred over my articulation of the ministry of Jesus. This seemed like a good, old-fashioned substantive disagreement, or at least, a place where sounding the note with the right emphasis might be important. On p. 100 of JHILBP, I say, […]

Missional Institutions?

An idea has been rumbling around, if ill-formed, in my mind for the past couple of months. There we were, seminary professors, church pastors, and Christian leader types, having some pretty awesome and fun and challenging conversation about the missional calling of the church. And something about the setting, the gathering of folks I was […]

If Ephesians Used Colossians…

I’m doing some digging about in Colossians these days, so you’ll probably find an unusual concentration of Colossians related throughts on the blog for the next few weeks. One perennial question about Colossians is who wrote it. The letter speaks of church as a more universal entity than the localized communities we see in, say, […]

Idols, Sex, and Rock ‘n Roll

Observation: In stereotypical anti-pagan polemics in the ancient world, Jewish argument would go something like this: those guys worship idols, which leads to all sorts of sexual lasciviousness, which (of course!) leads to the further degradations we see in society such as thieving and drunkenness and rebellion. You can see this reflected in Romans 1: […]