Wright on Jesus

Yesterday’s second N. T. Wright event at Fuller Northern California entailed a talk about Jesus and the Kingdom in front of a packed house of well over 700 attendees. He reflected on the problem that was the driving force behind Scot McKnight’s recent King Jesus Gospel: what is the gospel of the Gospels? Why do […]

Conference Week: Day 1

It’s conference week. Day 1. I’m at Fuller Sacramento today. N. T. Wright is getting ready to take the stage to talk about Paul for the 21st century. The follow up panel discussion will be moderated by Kathryn Greene-McCreight. I’ll be on the panel with Peter Rodgers, Libby Vincent, and Chap Clark. Stay tuned for […]

The Story of Christ… Really…

I’ve found myself indirectly thinking about what it means to read the Bible as Christians. By “indirectly” I mean that these thoughts have gnawed around the edges of my thinking while I’ve been working on other things: teaching the Gospels and Acts, writing a paper on wisdom literature in the Coen Brothers’ movies, listening to […]

Can’t God Just Forgive?

When people wrestle with atonement theology (i.e., how does the cross, in particular, bring about forgiveness of sins), the objection to atonement theology as a whole is sometimes voiced: why can’t God just forgive? Does God really need some sort of payment? On the one hand, yes, God can do whatever God wants. This is […]

Relativity and Dependence

A few random musings about the Gospel of John: (1) Before Einstein, John had his own theory of relativity. The value of anything is relative: if it is taken on its own, it’s not worth much, or dangerously deceptive. If taken in proper relation to Jesus, i.e. as a witness to Jesus, it is of […]