One Word…

Theological education is difficult. Well, let me rephrase. Good theological education raises challenges–especially if you’re paying attention in your Bible courses. Studying scripture opens up new worlds, which is simultaneously exhilarating and maddening. All of the sudden we see things new–and all of a sudden the old visions fade or even crumble. So where’s the […]

April Fool Rankings

The Top 50 Biblioblog rankings are out. It seems I’ve slipped a bit out of the Top 10. I feel the urge to chastise you for this, because as an INTJ I know it can’t be my fault. The burden must fall to the shoulders of my readers. However, In the spirit of humility which […]

The Trinity

In this week’s edition of our Church Dogmatics reading (§1.8.3, §1.9.1-2) Karl Barth is talking about the Trinity. God is one. And the doctrine of the Trinity is how Christians affirm God’s oneness. God exists in three modes of being, though to say as much creates all sorts of dangers of missteps, and no one […]

Audio Bible MP3 Downloads

Today I have been working on a presentation of electronic resources for studying the Bible. In doing so, I have discovered a couple of ways to download MP3s of scripture. First, the Net Bible has an Audio button at the bottom of each page. You can either press the button an listen while you’re sitting […]

Cosmic Restoration

I’m getting ready for “The Cross in the New Testament,” a course I’ve been teaching once or twice a year since coming to Fuller. One question we wrestle with has to do with atonement models. How do we understand how the death of Jesus works as a saving event? The way we answer that question […]

Music FYI

I know that you are worried. Does Kirk listen to anything other than The Mountain Goats? To set your minds at ease, here is a list of other music I’m currently digging in my non-Apple-product MP3 Player: Mumford and Sons, Sigh No More (God bless you, Laura Turner, for putting me on to this) Alexi […]

All Eternals Deck

For the past several weeks, I have been streaming All Eternals Deck at every opportunity. The new Mountain Goats album is officially released today for us consumers to go about our business of consumption. So go get it. $5 to download the whole thing. Seriously. Get on it. This album continues the musical trajectory from […]