Jesus’ Own Faith

In conversation with some comments that ensued after the “faith of Jesus Christ” post from last week, I want to underscore what I think is essential about the identity of Jesus, an aspect highlighted by the “faith(fulness) of Jesus Christ” reading of Galatians 1:16. In order for Jesus to be truly human, he had to […]


Today inadvertently became peace Sunday at church. The Common Prayer book we used had us reciting a prayer for our swords… er… tanks… to be hammered into plowshares… er… tractors… We were reminded that the hope of God’s people is not found in the sword, but in a future of peace brought by the king […]

The Blessed Dog of Mark 7

I want to dig into Mark’s story of the Syrophoenician woman just a bit more today. It is one of the more troubling episodes in Mark. When this woman comes begging Jesus to heal her demon-possessed daughter Jesus in essence tells her she is a dog, unworthy of the gift: “It is not right to […]

Reconfiguring the Noble Beroeans

The “noble Beroeans” have a place in my story. Maybe that’s why I never quite dialed in to how they fit into the story of Acts 17. These acclaimed searchers of scriptures were the defense that my friend and I held up for ourselves when we were scorned for our biblical/theological interests during our time […]

Communion Day

Yesterday was communion day. Of course, at The Table it’s always communion day (and bacon. and mimosas. but I digress). But yesterday we arrived at last at the Last Supper story in our long journey through the Gospel of Mark. Communion is a magnificent reminder of all the things we should take for granted but […]