Photo Caption Winner!

We had a fabulous photo caption contest this week. Thanks to all for your stirring, entertaining entries. Not only did the picture stir marvelous one-liners, it also sparked some thoughtful theology, a few songs, and even its very own blog post. I regret to inform the more pious among you that I decided to go […]

The Task of Our Generation

Sitting in my living room, at the ripe old age of 35, typing on a laptop while the winds howl and the rain dances upon the metal cap of our fireplace–somehow all of this compels me to the full assurance that I know what the theological task is for this generation. (Ok, the fact that […]

Photo Caption Contest

It’s photo caption contest time! I took this picture today at Mt. Davidson, in San Francisco. It is gargantuan, as you can see by the real-life children at the foot. What I’d like from you, the loyal Storied Theology reader, is a caption. For the person who most inspires me with their cleverness, I have […]

Prayers of Privilege

One of my pet-peeves is the sort of piety that strives to remove our worship of and prayers to God from our everyday life. The “prayer Olympics” that many practice sometimes makes it seem as though the greatest height to which we can attain is when we praise God “just for who you are,” “for […]

I Heart Fuller

I love Fuller Seminary. I love that it has clung relentlessly to its Evangelical identity without allowing folks to the right or the left define what that means. Today, as controversy continues to swirl around Rob Bell’s Love Wins, Fuller’s president wrote a blog post that many would never have seen coming from an Evangelical […]

Telling the Stories

If you want to be an effective communicator of the Christian message, remember that ours is first and foremost a story. Become a great story teller, and don’t think that when you’re “presenting the gospel” you are supposed to shift in to didactic theology mode, and you’ll be well on your way. Telling stories well […]