That Moral Monster?

This weekend I had the chance to listen to the Roger Olson interview on the Homebrewed Christianity podcast. In the interview, Olson reiterated his primary reason for not being a Calvinist. Olson, a true Arminian, believes in the total depravity of humanity. And, as a true Arminian, he believes in the reality of prevenient grace. […]

tMG Church 4-14-2011

When the Church of the Mountain Goats gathered in Baltimore on April 14, pastor John preached a phenomenal sermon. [Here, jrdk is being a bit tongue-in-cheek, please don’t write the management complaining about his ecclesiology. –ed.] After the song Damn These Vampires (which does use the word damn, but really, if you’re going to wish […]

Sex Ed

I never liked The Wonder Years. I the problem had to do with the pain of self-realization. I was right about the age of the characters and didn’t like my life being shown up for the total uncoolness it really was. However, there was one scene that I have always loved, and I share it […]