Tops & Carnivals

Yesterday I started a post on the glories of the first of the month in Biblioblog land, but it was consumed by my smartphone. First, it was the day of the Biblical Studies Carnival for the month: a veritable feast of blog posts to sink your teeth into–and keep you from work pretty much all […]

Rock the Vote

Ok, folks, it’s the last day of February, which means it’s time to Rock the Vote. That’s right, the scientific poll of blog readers wants to know what your fav biblioblog is, and I think we all know what that means: send an email to Top Ten Biblioblogs [bibliobloggerstop10 ( at )] and tell […]

Working With My Hands

My first real job (after babysitting and newspaper delivery, of course) was for The Sign Post, Inc. It was for a company that did the kind of work you’d never expect someone would have to do: putting up, taking down, maintaining, and painting the wooden for sale signs that people put up in front of […]

Sure Deliverance

I’m not sure why, but the kids and I keep reading the Psalms. I know, it sounds like a really great idea. But in the words of a friend who attempted the same and ultimately was punished by God for it with a PhD in Old Testament, “There’s some really strange stuff in there.” Ok, […]